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December 12, 2017
  President Reagan’s 1983 Easter Radio address to the nation is still poignant today. Reagan highlighted how the faith of […]
November 24, 2015
Cathy Lanier is a special breed. The Washington, D.C. Chief of Police won’t issue gun permits to people in the […]
November 19, 2015
Sharyl Attkisson is an Emmy Award Winning Journalist. She was diligent in her investigative reporting on the Obama administration, and it […]
November 19, 2015
Al Sharpton has had some stumbles this year. He was demoted at MSNBC. And it was exposed that he has […]
November 18, 2015
Justin Lansford lost his left leg in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. The paratrooper was recovering at Walter Reed when […]
November 18, 2015
Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer is pretty low key with his opinions. As a straight news reporter, he typically doesn’t […]
November 17, 2015
Following the terrorist attacks earlier this year at Charlie Hebdo, Westgate, and Mumbai, the Secretary General of International Criminal Police Organization […]
November 15, 2015
Many Americans don’t trust Hillary Clinton. Polls show her favorables are underwater with voters. She is seen as shameless and […]
November 13, 2015
Ted Cruz often speaks about the need to be strong against illegal immigration. Now Cruz may have to answer questions from his supporters […]
November 12, 2015
Chris Matthews got a thrill up his leg over Obama, but he obviously doesn’t feel the same about Marco Rubio […]
November 10, 2015
We still have so much to learn from the Greatest Generation. Their sacrifices, work ethic, and loyalty are missing from modern […]
November 10, 2015
Arthur Gonsalves is an avid Donald Trump supporter. The Massachusetts man had several homemade Trump signs stolen from his yard. […]