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trump chris cuomo

President Trump on Thursday mocked CNN’s Chris Cuomo, calling him ‘Fredo’ and suggesting he be moved back to a morning slot because of his “really bad” ratings. Earlier in the […]

Las Vegas Police

It has just been revealed that a policeman from Las Vegas, Nevada, who was shot in the head earlier this month during a riot over the death of George Floyd, […]

AOC Trump

They are donating to her opponent in a Democrat primary.


It's funny how that all went out the window when it stopped serving the Democrat agenda.

Pelosi Clinton

Trump wanted to honor a church that had been vandalized by rioters.


In a call with state governors, President Donald Trump slammed those who let the recent riots escalate into looting and violence in their states. Trump: “Most Of You Are Weak” […]

Dr. Anthony Fauci

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to many Americans that we greatly overreacted to this pandemic, and much of this reaction can be traced back to doomsday-predictors like Fauci.

Florida Teacher

In trying to get out of a prison sentence, Lua had also whined to the judge that he suffered from a genetic disorder that caused painful, tumorous growths on his skin.

Fauci Lockdown

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the advisor who helped direct the government’s coronavirus lockdown, said that keeping lockdown for too long would cause “irreparable damage.” Fauci: “We Can’t Stay Locked Down For […]


It’s becoming increasingly clear that these coronavirus lockdowns may have gone way too far.

Bernie Marcus

Ever since the virus began, the mainstream media has been gleefully trying to use it to both take down President Donald Trump and to obtain more ratings for themselves.

California Churches

Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, California Governor Gavin Newsom may not tell people of faith that they can only worship in their homes. The U.S. Justice Department told California to reopen churches, […]