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fresno professor barbara bush death

Professor Randa Jarrar, a self-described Muslim who teaches at Fresno (California) State University, immediately tweeted about her joy that Former First Lady Barbara Bush died. Her tweet said: “I’m happy […]

Nancy Pelosi health

After Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced his retirement from politics, all eyes are on Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and what she will do next. Could she be the next […]

laura ingraham advertisers

After Fox News host Laura Ingraham Tweeted about David Hogg’s complaint that colleges weren’t accepting his applications, Hogg and anti-gun liberals organized a massive astroturf campaign against Ingraham’s advertisers. Now, […]

facebook advertising

There’s no doubt about it: 2018 is a terrible year for Facebook. In just weeks, Facebook – a platform with more than 1 billion users – was forced to answer […]

Oakland illegal immigrants

How does this not make the Democrat mayor an accessory to the crimes? A trio of illegal immigrants who managed to evade ICE agents after Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf tipped her […]

Liberals love to claim it’s a myth that armed citizens ever stop mass public shootings – and they’re technically right. If an armed citizen stops a shooter right as he […]

omnibus cut

Earlier today, President Trump announced that he offered the job of chief economic advisor to CNBC personality and former Reagan Administration economist Larry Kudlow. The former Bear Sterns director has […]

hillary steps india

It has shades of the video we saw leading up to the election of Hillary Clinton dropping due to a case of the flu, then being tossed head first into […]

impeach trump

President Trump isn’t just about to hit the “restart” button. He’s pulling the machine clean out of its socket and tossing it out the window. Gabriel Sherman at Vanity Fair […]

Hillary Clinton low T

Well, now, isn’t this interesting? Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok, the agent initially in charge of investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during the 2016 campaign, may […]

oscars ratings

Did you watch the televised spectacle in self-congratulation, otherwise known as the Oscars, last night? I sure as hell didn’t. And I’m betting that most self-respecting Americans refused to subjugate […]

bill clinton billy graham

The passing of Reverend Billy Graham this morning has been a sad but joyful affair. While Rev. Graham is no longer with us, we can take comfort in the fact […]