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andrew pollack daughter

I’m calling it now: To be a full-fledged liberal means to lack all human emotion and compassion. That’s the only explanation available for the following instance of just plain cruelty. […]

trump gun regulation

The blood has barely dried outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and liberals are up to their usual tricks. As hundreds of thousands of people offered prayers to those slain by […]

time travel trump reelected

Marty McFly, call your office. A mysterious man claiming to be a time-traveler has taken a polygraph test to prove his story. ‘Noah,’ the name he prefers, claims to be […]

ginsburg pause interview

It’s been rumored for a while now that President Trump will have another chance to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court. The long-running scuttlebutt is that Justice Anthony Kennedy, […]

hillary clinton cough makers

Well, there it is again: Hillary Clinton coughing up a storm like she was just freebasing from the exhaust pipe of a 70s-era Chevy. Seriously, every time the former First […]

Michael Isikoff dnc

Last Friday’s drop of the controversial FISA memo drafted by the staff of Rep. Devin Nunes was a damning indictment of the FBI’s credibility and impartiality. We learned that the […]

trey gowdy blumenthal

Rep. Trey Gowdy dropped a bombshell hint on Fox News Tuesday night. He strongly implied that the information used by former British spy Christopher Steele for false anti-Trump research was […]

trump reacts fisa memo

Just moments ago, President Trump declassified the contents of the controversial FISA memo crafted by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes that contains shocking information about surveillance abuse committed against […]

fisa memo released

It’s here! The day we’ve been eagerly waiting for is here. The controversial FISA memo has been released by the House Intelligence Committee. Crafted by the office of Rep. Devin […]

booker t washington democrats

Freed slave turned political leader and educator Booker T. Washington had no shortage of prophetic political predictions. He predicted the kind of race hustlers and demagogues that would exist today […]

fbi nunes memo

Earlier today, President Trump made it known that he approves of the public release of the controversial FISA memo, which was authored by staffers of Rep. Devin Nunes and provides […]

trump release memo

It’s happening! President Trump has reportedly authorized the release of the controversial FISA memo that documents surveillance abuse committed by the FBI and the FISA courts during the 2016 presidential […]