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John Lasseter

It’s a small world, isn’t it? Disney Studio’s Pixar head John Lasseter said that he’s stepping down following “painful” discussions but most believe it was because of a story that […]

franken snl women

Women who worked with Senator Al Franken during his time at “Saturday Night Live” wrote a letter showing their solidarity with the lawmaker and defending his character. Please, women, stop […]

matthew mcconaughey turkeys

Talk about a special holiday treat! One of the best actors in Hollywood, in my opinion, is Matthew McConaughey. I like his style, and I admire his common sense. He’s […]

philadelphia anarchists

This is the news we do not need, don’t you agree? Vandals attacked a police station in Philadelphia over the weekend and nobody has been picked up for it yet. Liberals […]

glamour woman year

Any magazine called Glamour that includes Rep. Maxine Waters as an award recipient can’t be taken seriously, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Glamour Magazine has […]

cuomo sexual harassment

I’m a Trump supporter, but I refuse to be a hypocrite. Therefore, I will not automatically pass judgment on someone merely because of unsubstantiated accusations of sexual abuse or harassment. […]

al franken resign

On Sunday, Sen. Al Franken’s office told the media he wasn’t going to step down as most thought he would after what he did to radio talk show host during […]

bill gates smart city

Microsoft founder Bill Gates doesn’t know what to do with his money, and I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart. I guess when you are a billionaire […]

thanksgiving travel

Sometimes families decide to get out of town for the end of the year holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving is the one day we as Americans tend to […]

isis pope

What’s ironic about this attempt to stoke fear within the Vatican is how Pope Francis has been basically an advocate for illegal refugees and Muslims. He’s been preaching how countries […]

mall ten commandments

A Texas Mall is installing an 8-foot statue featuring the Ten Commandments, a move the owner hopes will “touch [the viewer’s] heart and give them new hope that day.” “I […]

hillary tweet president

Hillary Clinton took a shot at President Trump and inadvertently made herself look like a fool. The 2016 Democrat nominee for President of the United States mocked Trump for his […]