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nikema williams

Georgia State Senator Nikema Williams was arrested Tuesday as protesters filled the State Capitol to demand ballots be recounted from last week’s election including the hotly contested race for governor. […]

trump rally amazing grace

A crowd attending a Trump rally in Missouri spontaneously began singing “Amazing Grace” after a woman had fallen ill and collapsed. The President, unlike his predecessor, who liked to talk over the […]

five trump victories

In his first nearly three years in office, America has much to be thankful for in having Donald Trump as their President as opposed to Hillary Clinton. Trump has been […]

thanksgiving football moments

Football is a staple of Thanksgiving, as highly ranked on the list of things that are absolute musts, like eating apple pie or watching the Macy’s parade. Pro football and […]

sherrod brown stole election

Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown has matter-of-factly claimed, without evidence, that Republicans will have “stolen” the Georgia governor race from fellow Democrat candidate Stacey Abrams. The Oprah-backed Democrat candidate for Georgia […]

liberals thanksgiving colonization

Neetu Chandak on November 13, 2018 A Massachusetts college library is preparing for Thanksgiving by sharing a guideline on “decolonizing” the holiday on their social media. McQuade Library at Merrimack College […]

nancy pelosi

A group of Republicans have considered providing votes to Nancy Pelosi in her bid for Speaker, should she agree to a handful of rule changes. Additionally, ten Democrats in the 48-member […]

fox news cnn acosta

Last week CNN’s Jim Acosta had his White House hard pass revoked after an altercation with a female intern. While it’s no surprise that CNN subsequently filed a lawsuit against President […]

florida altered ballots

Federal prosecutors are reportedly looking into “altered” election documents tied to Florida Democrats, a move that is lending legitimacy to the notion that there is election tampering going on in […]

brenda snipes retire

Over a week after the midterms, Broward County still hasn’t produced a vote tally, and many have speculated that’s due to orchestrated fraud. Now after calls for her termination, elections supervisor Brenda […]

Megyn Kelly was fired from NBC News last month after serving just one year out of a three-year, $69 million contract. Kelly’s termination came following a controversial segment on her […]

michelle obama melania

Melania Trump responded to Michelle Obama’s revelation that the First Lady ignored Obama’s offer for advice, saying she is a “strong and independent woman.” The back and forth began when […]