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george stephanopoulos

During an ABC News broadcast on Friday, anchor George Stephanopoulos made a throat-slitting hand movement to cut away from Trump attorney Jay Sekulow during the news outlet’s live coverage of […]

Adam Schiff

When the never-ending impeachment trial of Donald Trump adjourned on Thursday, Congressman Adam Schiff explained why the President – who is accused of no crime – has to be removed […]


Attorney to the President, Jay Sekulow, explained that the legal team isn’t content to offer a rebuttal to Democrats impeachment arguments, they plan on attacking them. Sekulow made the comments […]

ted cruz

This week, Senator Ted Cruz said Democrats made a “very serious strategic error” in making their case for removing President Donald Trump from office. And, that flub meant that testimony […]

Trey Gowdy Tucker Carlson

Fox News contributor and former South Carolina congressman Trey Gowdy hammered impeachment manager Adam Schiff for his “wildly stupid trial strategy.” Gowdy made the comments during the third day of […]

A Fox Business report indicates former president Barack Obama fears Bernie Sanders’ rise in the polls is bad news and he may step in to stop him. Sanders is beginning […]

cnn fake ar 15 story

CNN host Chris Cuomo criticized “Trumpers” for going after Greta Thunberg, but was immediately met with a reminder of his network’s coverage of the Covington Catholic kids. Cuomo’s comments came […]

Nadler hypocrisy

Representative Jerry Nadler’s hypocrisy on impeachment is completely unacceptable. According to him, it both is and isn’t acceptable to impeach a President on a partisan basis. Nadler Flipflops On Impeachment […]

The Articles of Impeachment were a forgone conclusion, from the morning after the election, and before the then-GOP candidate, Donald Trump took over the Presidency. The only question was which […]

Elizabeth Warren announced that a potential Warren cabinet would be comprised of at least 50% women and “non-binary” individuals. Warren Attacks President Trump In a post on Medium entitled, “Restoring […]

Elizabeth Warren college education

A self-described father of a college graduate was caught on video asking Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren about her “plan to cancel student loan debt.” He wanted to know if […]

virginia transgender

The Virginia State Senate has passed a bill that would allow transgender individuals to alter their birth certificate to match the sex they “truly are.” Virginia Is Going Woke Virginia […]