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Editorial Policies, Standards, & Corrections

Our Commitment To Accuracy
In keeping with The Political Insider’s mission, accuracy is paramount for all contributors and editors. Cross-referencing accounts of events, using primary sources and respected, reliable outlets whenever possible, avoiding unsourced and unverifiable images or videos, and using the expertise of the decades of experience from our writers are all cornerstones of our approach to truthful reporting and honest, informed commentary. Errors and updates are met in as timely a manner as possible to avoid false information being disseminated. See our Corrections policy below for more information. Opinion pieces are categorized as such.

Proper sourcing is crucial to providing honest and legitimate accounts of events, and The Political Insider strives to use primary sources and reliable outlets whenever possible, in addition to multiple sources for the same event or claim. Sources are always linked for readers to easily verify the source material. Unverified sources are noted with mitigating language to let readers know that such material must be considered as “posited” or “alleged,” rather than presented as undisputed fact. Attribution with direct quotes, noting of a paraphrase from another source, and links to attributed material are added for reader verification.

Images & Video
Images and videos used in the body of articles on The Political Insider are typically sourced from social media and checked for their veracity by both the contributor and editor. Most images and videos are first-hand accounts from the original poster or from a reliable media outlet. Unverified images or videos are explained in-article as “alleged” and not presented as undisputed fact. Images or video used by The Political Insider are not edited or manipulated unless there is a size constraint. Third party video used within any original video produced by The Political Insider is not edited to manipulate or deceive readers.

The Political Insider occasionally interviews subjects on various topics, in an open conversation or in question-and-response style. Opinions of interview subjects are their own, and not necessarily the views of the interviewee or The Political Insider. If factually incorrect information is given, it is edited out of the final video product.

The Political Insider is committed to providing the most accurate information available at the time and will publish a correction or clarification if new or contradicting information is verified and comes to the team’s attention.

Corrections and updates are denoted by a visible disclaimer for the benefit of readers. When a correction is made, an Editor’s Note is placed at either the top or the bottom of the piece with a description of the change.

All clarifications and corrections are issued in accordance with this policy and at the discretion of an Editor.

A formal correction is not issued in the event of a minor grammatical error or a typo.

If an issue is found with the source information serious enough that the underlying story cannot be responsibly corrected or clarified, the piece is unpublished.

If The Political Insider receives a request to unpublish, update, or amend an article by a subject mentioned in the piece, the request will be reviewed on its merit and a decision made according to any new information provided. If any changes of substance are made, an Update or Editor’s Note will be added.

Corrections are issued as information becomes available and comes to the attention of the team and thus may not happen in real-time. Suggest a correction: [email protected].

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Commenting Policy

We love our readers, and we highly encourage commenting and engaging with The Political Insider community – but we insist on decency and respect. Please follow the below rules when sharing your thoughts and opinions on our content:

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  • Comments containing language that is harassing, abusive, threatening, or pornographic will be deleted.
  • Comments that attack an individual directly will be deleted.

Keep it constructive and help spread the important information you won’t find in the mainstream media.

The Political Insider reserves the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to the blog without notice. This commenting policy is subject to change at any time. For any additional questions, please see the Terms and Conditions.