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Ted Cruz often speaks about the need to be strong against illegal immigration. Now Cruz may have to answer questions from his supporters who agree with his current firm stance on immigration, after videos show he has flip-flopped on the issue since deciding to run for President.

In 2013, a newly elected Senator Cruz actually did support giving illegals legal status to stay in the United States. That was just 2 short years ago. 

Watch this video to see Cruz say he wants legislation “that allows those who are here illegally to come out of the shadows.”

There is also 2013 audio of Senator Cruz supporting legal status to 11 million illegal immigrants.

“The 11 million who are here illegally would be granted legal status once the border is secure, not before, but after the border was secure, they would be granted legal status.  And indeed they would be eligible for permanent legal residency.”

Senator Cruz has been careful not to challenge Donald Trump. He even did a joint rally with Trump in Washington, DC. Many pundits believe Cruz is attempting to ingratiate himself with Trump voters in the event that Trump exits the race.

Much of Trump’s support is based upon the real estate mogul’s stance on deporting illegal immigrants. These videos of Cruz supporting amnesty may cause an issue for the Texas Senator as he tries to court Trump’s supporters.

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