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florida school shooting survivor argues against gun control

As expected, liberal lawmakers and the mainstream media didn’t wait long after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, to start pushing gun control. But, unfortunately for MSNBC anchor Brian Williams, a […]

james mattis military parade

On Thursday, MSNBC reporter Hallie Jackson attempted to set a trap for Defense Secretary General James Mattis with a question about President Donald Trump’s proposed military parade. However, like White House […]

sarah sanders april ryan

CNN reporter April Ryan has made a habit of trying to embarrass White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. There’s just one problem: she’s not very good at it. At all. […]

michelle obama inauguration gift

Unfortunately, one of the most talked about moments from President Donald Trump’s inauguration was when outgoing first lady Michelle Obama awkwardly accepted a gift from incoming first lady Melania Trump. […]

nancy pelosi sotu

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reportedly encouraged her caucus not to disrupt President Donald Trump during his first State of the Union address tonight, telling them to allow Trump to […]

don lemon shoot threat

Earlier this week, a Michigan man was arrested for threatening to go on a killing spree at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters. And on Tuesday night, CNN anchor Don Lemon flat-out blamed […]

suzanne somers trump

Being a Republican in Hollywood has always been tough, but according to actress Suzanne Somers, coming out in support of President Donald Trump in Hollywood is akin to committing career […]

donald trump march for life

Americans are becoming increasingly pro-life, a fact that liberals and the mainstream media blatantly ignore. However, President Donald Trump made two huge and unprecedented moves this week to demonstrate that […]

nancy worley

Here’s a little story from earlier this month that the mainstream media completely skipped over: Nancy Worley, former secretary of state and the current chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party, […]

new california

Residents of the rural counties of California are so fed up with the liberal urban governance of their state that they’ve proposed the creation of a “New California” – and […]

dakota meyer chelsea manning senate run

Known traitor Chelsea Manning is running for federal office. In case you’ve forgotten, Manning was charged with violating the Espionage Act in 2010 and was sentenced to 35 years in […]

oprah winfrey mudslides

Just a few days ago, Oprah Winfrey was riding high when NBC declared her the next president of the United States. But on Wednesday, Oprah revealed that her 65-acre Santa […]