Brian Williams Investigates Whether Donald Trump Dislikes Dogs

Brian Williams Trump dogs

Brian Williams, who was demoted from “NBC Nightly News” for fabricating events that happened to him while covering the Iraq War in 2003, has stretched the truth yet again with a ridiculous segment claiming that President Donald Trump has only been photographed with one dog.

In reaction to Trump calling former aide Omarosa Manigault a “dog,” Williams was inexplicably compelled to investigate Trump’s feelings about literal dogs. “Does this president really physically not like dogs?” he asked his guest, Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker.

Rucker astutely responded, “He’s actually the first president in more than 100 years who has not had a dog as a pet in the White House.”

In conclusion, Williams and Rucker decided, Trump must hate dogs. To back up this crackpot theory, Williams revealed that the great news journalists at MSNBC had “launched an extensive web search that took us at least a few minutes and could only find one photo in all the land of Donald Trump with a dog.”

Read that again: “an extensive web search that took us at least a few minutes.” This is what passes for journalism at MSNBC.

Unfortunately, the singular photo they managed to find during their extensive research was a photo of Trump with the “Best in Show” winner at the Westminster Dog Show “a couple years back in Trump’s now famous office in Trump Tower,” so Williams dismissed the picture as a “mutual admiration society.”

Source: NBC’s Brian Williams runs fake news segment on Trump and dogs by BPR

It goes without saying: this is fake news. A simple Google search of “Trump with a dog” yields more than just one photo of the president with man’s best friend. In fact, the folks at The Reagan Battalion conducted that very search and put together a video for MSNBC:

But Williams and Rucker didn’t stop there. Rucker then went on to equate Trump’s use of the word “dog” with – wait for it – Nazis:

“It’s deadly serious what he does with that word. Using it as an attack. He’s dehumanizing his enemies. That’s the goal there. There’s a long history actually of authoritarian leaders who have used these animalistic slurs as insults to dehumanize individuals or groups of people. During the Holocaust the Nazis would call Jews rats,” Rucker pontificated.

Somehow, someway, it always comes back to Nazis. “He doesn’t like dogs? Must be a Nazi!”

Clearly, Williams and MSNBC don’t have a single ounce of respect for their viewers. No wonder Fox News is dominating the ratings.

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