Melania Trump Urged Her Husband Not to Tangle With Omarosa

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Word of advice for all married men: listen to your wives.

When the Omarosa brouhaha started, President Trump was not yet in the mud puddle, wrestling with the publicity-seeking hog. He didn’t need to wade in the dirty muck to tangle with someone as media savvy and vengeful as Omarosa. But he did anyway, firing off shot after shot, maligning the former star of his reality-TV show. Here’s just a sample of the venom Trump spit to counteract the poisonous wrath of Omarosa:

Say what you want about the wisdom of jumping into the fight. But when Trump does it, he does it with verve.

We’re just learning that, all along, there’s been one voice urging him not to engage with Omarosa. First Lady Melania Trump reportedly asked her husband to ignore Omarosa, and let her accusations fail on their own.

Axios reports:

What we’re hearing: Several told him to ignore her and that engaging would only boost her book sales. Trump said privately that First Lady Melania Trump had advised him to stay above it. But they knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.

We can certainly understand why Melania feels that way. She’s been one of the numerous victims of Omarosa’s scandalous invective. Omarosa even accused Melania of seeking a divorce from President Trump, an assertion the Office of the First Lady quickly shot away. (RELATED: Melania Trump Shreds Omarosa After Claims She Wants to Divorce the President.)

Now that Trump has already started fighting in the war of words with Omarosa, it’s too late to determine what would have happened had he stayed out. However, we do know that Omarosa’s story, specifically of a secret recording of Trump saying the n-word, is falling apart right in front of us. (RELATED: Omarosa’s Source Denies That ‘N-Word Tapes’ Exist.)

Had Trump stayed quiet, the whole thing might have blown over. But, as we all know by now, that’s not the President’s style.

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