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Jim E

Jim E. is a true political insider, with experience working both in Washington and outside in real America. Jim is hopelessly bound to Twitter, the preferred platform of all the Swamp reporters, and works to give readers all the biggest scoops being talked about in Washington. When something's breaking, look for Jim's quick reporting, filled with relevant facts and incisive commentary.

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barbara bush funeral

What a long, accomplished, and storied life Barbara Bush led. The former First Lady had her ups and downs in life, but she was, without a doubt, an incredibly strong […]

mccabe sues

Disgraced federal official Andrew McCabe is firing back! The former Deputy FBI Director is planning to sue the Trump Administration for wrongful termination and other charges. McCabe’s lawyer just confirmed the […]

comey leak memo

President Trump was right! This morning, President Trump sounded off against the recently leaked memos from former FBI Director James Comey by tweeting the following: So General Michael Flynn’s life […]

trump fire rosenstein

Trump won’t let it go. The President is still considering firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. That’s according to a White House source who spoke to Jonathan Swan of Axios. […]

marion school shooting

Terrible news out of Florida, where we’re learning that police have responded to a school shooting at Forest High School in Marion County, Florida. The Marion County sheriff’s office just […]

comey memo dossier

We called it. Last night, here at The Political Insider, we reported that the fabled memos of former FBI Director James Comey outlining his discussions and meetings with President Trump […]

rosenstein trump mueller probe

Well, this makes things very interesting. As President Trump considers whether or not to fire Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, it turns out Rosenstein may have just delivered a […]

comey trump collusion

Did James Comey just admit President Trump never colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election? That’s exactly what can be inferred judging by the answer he just gave […]

congress protects mueller

Well, this is an interesting turn of events. By now, we know the Robert Mueller-led Russia probe is a sham. The FBI has had nearly two years to investigate Trump […]

comey memos release

Here we go! The Justice Department has finally agreed to release the fabled Comey memos to Congress. These memos, the subject of which was the basis for Comey’s self-serving memoir, […]

andrew mccabe criminal

Huge breaking news this afternoon as we’re learning that the inspector general of the Justice Department has given its findings over to federal prosecutors to determine if criminal charges should […]

stormy daniels sketch

Looks like President Trump called it. Amidst the entire Stormy Daniels debacle, where the media helped promote an unsubstantiated story about President Trump having an affair with the pornography actress […]