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Trump Sends Troops to the Southern Border as Congress Negotiates Deal

President Trump is officially ordering troops to the southern border as Republicans and Democrats try to negotiate a deal on border security.

Trump preempts the congressional deal with his own order

Yesterday, The Political Insider reported that the Pentagon is dispatching a couple thousand troops to the southern border in order to head off any more potential caravan invasions. (RELATED: Pentagon Is Sending Thousands Of More Troops To The Southern Border.)

As congressional Democrats and Republicans debate what kind of border-security package will best appease the President on his demand for the border wall, it appears that Trump isn’t putting much stock into negotiations and is starting to take action himself to secure the border. This morning, he tweeted out an announcement about dispensing troops to the border.

The President appears to be losing faith that congressional Democrats will come around on funding any kind of border barrier in the end. But, just this morning, we reported that some Democrats involved in border-security negotiations are starting to come around, or, at least, are open to the idea of funding some sort of physical barrier. (RELATED: Democrat Leaders Expressing Willingness to Consider Funding For Border ‘Barrier’.)

However, negotiations are still slogging along. Despite Democrats purporting to be open to funding a physical barrier, no breakthrough deal has been reached and there is still much work to be done. (RELATED: Lawmakers’ First Meeting to Avert New Shutdown: Still Tons of Work to Be Done.)

Trump isn’t the most patient guy. And he knows that caving and approving the three-week spending deal made him look weak in trying to get border concessions out of Democrats.

Thus, he’s taking matters into his own hands, and is trying to secure the border himself. Except, instead of doing it with steel or concrete, he’s using our wonderful armed forces.

Perhaps this means Trump will tire of congressional negotiations and declare a national emergency?