UPDATE – Roger Stone has pledged never to testify against President Trump:

Original article:

President Donald Trump suggested over Twitter that CNN was tipped off to the FBI’s arrest of his former campaign advisor Roger Stone early this morning.

Why was CNN there?

Footage of Stone’s arrest spread across the airwaves and internet this morning, as CNN happened to have cameramen on hand when the FBI took Stone into custody. (RELATED: Roger Stone Arrested by the FBI.) Or, at the very least, CNN was able to obtain footage from someone who happened to be present at the time. (RELATED: CNN Obtains Footage Of The FBI Raiding Former Trump Adviser Roger Stone’s House.)

You can watch the CNN footage below:

It’s still unclear how CNN had someone available to film the arrest. CNN’s Oliver Darcy tried to clear up how it happened over Twitter:

Trump weighs in

President Trump isn’t buying that the whole thing was a product of CNN’s gumshoe investigative work. He tweeted out the question on everyone’s mind:

Darcy again attempted to explain how CNN sniffed out the scoop while other news outlets failed to do so.

Some aren’t buying the explanation:

Unfortunately, unless Trump himself orders an investigation into the matter, we’ll probably never learn why CNN just happened to have a man with a camera ready at the time the FBI arrested Roger Stone.