Fox Dominates In Ratings As CNN Loses To Cartoons

In the sea of liberal media outlets, the only mainstream network going against the grain continues to dominate the ratings.

July marked the 25th consecutive month that Fox News was the most watched cable network (overall), averaging 1.4 million viewers in the day, and 2.4 million in prime-time.

A new analysis shows that when it comes to the networks reach, those viewers are just the tip of the iceberg. According to the Conservative Tribune, “ beat out other top brands such as,, and in terms of engagement and time spent on the site by individual readers. That revelation came from analytics data compiled in July 2018 by “comScore,” which showed that Fox had obtained roughly 1.5 billion total multi-platform views as compared to 1.4 billion garnered by CNN. In addition, Fox also bested CNN for the fourth month in a row in terms of total page views, as Fox received about 1.45 billion compared to CNN’s approximately 1.22 billion total page views.”

Overall, Fox’s total multi-platform page views are up 21%. Fox beat-out the New York Times by 457 million page views by that metric, and the Washington Post by 887 million. In terms of unique viewers (as opposed to page clicks), Fox has 89.5 million of those. While Fox is the 48th most visited website in the U.S., it ranks third when traffic is measured only by unique visitors.

CNN, meanwhile, started out the year by laying off 50 people due to their rating slide. The slide has been so severe that CNN is now being defeated in the ratings by children’s cartoons. While CNN had 535,000 average daily viewers at the time of our reporting (July), Nickolodean (home of Spongebob Squarepants) drew in more viewers. Not only was CNN bested by Spongebob, they were also beaten in the ratings by HGTV, USA, the Food Network, TLC, Hallmark, and many, many more. All those networks also beat out MSNBC in the ratings.

Personally, I wasn’t even aware Hallmark had their own television channel, but when CNN and MSNBC are getting beaten by a birthday card company, perhaps its time they rethink their programming.

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Fox has an advantage in the ratings because they’re the only conservative network out there – while every other media outlet just trots out the same anti-Trump nonsense as the next. Over 90% of the media’s coverage of Trump is negative, and who wants to tune into the same spin every day?

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