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american economic mobility

Unlike the majority of countries, those in America enjoy the promise of economic mobility regardless of where they stand on the economic ladder. In fact, when you see statistical analysis […]

liberals facts life

Where does money come from? Writer and comedian Andrew Klavan put together a hilarious sketch answering that question for liberals in a “birds and the bees” themed bedtime story. “Liberals, […]

raging bull

The first prototypes for President Donald Trump’s border wall are being built, and while the border wall won’t be finished for another few years, it does only aim to combat […]

bill burr hillary clinton

While comedian Bill Burr didn’t vote in the 2016 election and is no fan of Donald Trump, he’s made it clear that he’s had enough of Hillary Clinton. Appearing on […]

hungary immigration

What better way to figure out how to combat illegal immigration than to look at other countries that were able to swiftly deal with it? Liberals are in the convenient […]

college student global warming

Years ago, Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom (TUSIF) hosted Ann McElhinney, an Irish documentary filmmaker behind the documentary film “Not Evil, Just Wrong” to their campus. The film debunks […]

trump beat hillary flashback

It’s now been over a year since the 2016 election – and who could forget those who never saw the results coming? One wouldn’t have been crazy to see Hillary’s […]

chainsaw bayonet

The level of self-awareness among gun control advocates is even smaller than initially thought. The left-leaning Vox, which is known for their lengthy think pieces on public policy, found themselves […]

scalia gun control

As blessed as we are with the addition of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, we lost a brilliant mind with the man he replaced. The late Antonin Scalia’s […]

shapiro debating liberals

Among the many ways that Ben Shapiro’s intellect has helped him make a name for himself has been in public debate. Shapiro’s debate style is witty, quick-thinking, and exacting. He […]

triumph dog college

“Can I hump your leg? I know I look like a dog, but I identify as a shinguard.” That was a line from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog – a […]

latino trump student

A Latino high school student from Hudson Valley area in New York has become something of an anonymous celebrity online after footage was released showing him debating his creative writing […]