As migrants from the caravan stormed the U.S.-Mexico border yesterday, Chief Patrol Agent Rodney Scott of the San Diego sector dismissed the notion that the caravan migrants are just asylum seekers.

A CNN host asked Scott directly if the thousands of people coming to the border as part of the migrant caravan were coming to seek asylum. he corrected the record immediately. Watch Scott’s response in the video below:

Caravan isn’t full of refugees

Scott explained the true makeup of the caravan to the CNN host:

“I believe there are definitely people in that group that are going to try to claim asylum. The vast majority of those from the Northern Triangle are economic migrants though, they do not meet the definition of asylum seekers. They can still apply for asylum… however, what I saw on the border yesterday was not people walking up to border patrol agents and asking to claim asylum. Matter of fact… several groups that were arrested passed 15 marked border patrol units, and numerous uniformed personnel, as they were chanting, waving a Honduran flag, and throwing rocks at the agents.”

“If they were truly asylum seekers,” Scott concluded, “they would’ve just walked up with their hands up and surrendered.” In total, 42 migrants were arrested yesterday. It wasn’t until after they began hurling rocks at border patrol that tear gas was deployed.

Flashback: CNN’s Jim Acosta was wrong

This isn’t the only time a CNN personality has gotten the nature of the caravan wrong.

During the now-infamous exchange between CNN’s Jim Acosta and President Donald Trump that resulted in a temporary suspension of his White House “hard” pass, Acosta wrongly informed Trump that that caravan was not an invasion:

“The caravan is not an invasion, it’s a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border toward the US.”

The media attempted to drive a key narrative on the caravan: that the migrants were fleeing poverty and war and that they were asylum seekers, not illegal immigrants attempting to jump to the front of the line.

The fact that the overwhelming majority of those migrants that have reached the border have not applied for asylum and have physically attacked border patrol agents completely debunks the narrative that the liberal media would like to push.

The caravan is not full of asylum seekers. It’s filled with illegal immigrants, and violent ones at that. How sad is it that the caravan is facing stronger opposition from the citizens of Mexico than liberals in our own country?

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