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Gold Star Wife Says Kaepernick Should Visit Arlington National Cemetery To Learn ‘True Sacrifice’

The main reason so many Americans are upset about Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ad isn’t because it capitalizes on controversy, or even because Kaepernick is being rewarded for calling cops “pigs” and disrespecting the American flag. Instead, the root reason the ad is so infuriating is because privileged multimillionaire Kaepernick doesn’t at all know what it truly means to sacrifice everything – a fact that a Gold Star wife harshly pointed out on Fox & Friends Sunday.

Brittany Jacobs, widow of Marine Sgt. Chris Jacobs, told Fox News’s Pete Hegseth that it’s “hard and sad” for her to see the Nike ad campaign after her husband gave his life serving the country. “My husband did sacrifice absolutely everything for the flag, for the country and for all that it stood for,” she said. “To see someone who knelt before it be able to say that he sacrificed everything? It’s hard and it’s sad. It’s not right.”

Jacobs added, “There are so many great men and women in this country that have sacrificed everything. Colin Kaepernick, he’s not one of them.”

No, he’s certainly not – but he sure thinks he is. During the start of the regular NFL season on Sunday, Kaepernick posted a tweet thanking Miami Dolphins players Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson for kneeling during the National Anthem and “fighting for the oppressed!”

Kaepernick, Nike, and all the NFL players who continue to kneel have a serious lack of both respect and perspective; but Jacobs has a way to fix that. She told Hegseth that she wants Nike and Kaepernick to meet her and her son at Arlington National Cemetery “to see what true sacrifice is.”

“See what it is absolutely like to sacrifice everything for something that you believe in.”

Jacobs and her son, Christian, captured the hearts of country last year when they met President Donald Trump at Arlington National Cemetery.

Kaepernick lost a multi-million dollar NFL contract because he kept disrespecting the flag; that’s not sacrifice. Sacrifice is selflessly laying down your life for your country so that all Americans can continue to live free – even those who don’t understand or respect the price being paid.