Melania Trump was so taken aback by the story of a six-year-old Costa Rican boy found abandoned in the Arizona desert that she could only utter two words: “Oh God.”

During a visit to a Customs and Border Patrol facility in Tucson on Thursday, Rodolfo Karisch, Chief Patrol Agent of the Tucson Sector Border Patrol, showed the First Lady a photo of the unnamed boy, whom Border Patrol agents found Tuesday just north of the Mexican border, west of Lukeville. The boy had been dumped by his uncle with nothing but a bottle of Coke and note that read in Spanish, “I am looking for my mother.”

When Karisch showed Melania the photo, she was visibly moved. “Oh God,” she said. “It’s incredible, as young as six years old, you know, someone would leave them. Wow, very sad.”

Despite the media’s attempts to paint Melania as cold and uncaring, it’s obvious that the exact opposite is true. Melania has paid multiple visits to the border, and she’s made children the central focus of her campaign as First Lady. Indeed, it was Melania who urged President Trump to sign the order ending the separation of families at the border.

Contrary to liberal belief, the Trumps aren’t heartless monsters. But they understand how imperative it is to secure America’s southern border – and they’re taking steps to do that to the best of their ability.

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