Former Liberal Brandon Straka Denied Service At Camera Store

brandon straka

Brandon Straka is a former liberal who started the #WalkAway campaign, a social media movement that encourages and supports people on the left who wish to walk away from the divisive tenets of liberalism. And, unfortunately, Straka was recently reminded exactly why he left the Democratic Party in the first place.

During an appearance on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” Saturday night, Straka said that he was denied service at a camera shop in New York City after the cashier recognized him. “Are you planning to use this equipment for alt-right purposes?” Straka said the cashier asked him. Ultimately, the cashier refused to sell Straka anything because he didn’t support the #WalkAway campaign.

Straka told Pirro that the encounter left him literally shaking. “It took my breath away,” he said, adding that he’s concerned because the store has his personal information. “Now I don’t know what’s going to happen next,” he said.

Unfortunately, this is the sort of intolerant behavior that conservatives have come to expect from the left – and Straka, who was initially a Democrat because he’s gay, does not regret walking away from their divisive identity politics at all. “Ultimately, particularly for minorities in America, racial minorities, LGBT people, I want them to become aware that the Democrats actually don’t support them,” Straka said. “They are actually using them and they are actually manipulating their fears and concerns.”

As we’ve seen demonstrated time and time again over the last few weeks, Democrats cannot accept anyone who thinks differently than them, and they’re especially intolerant of anyone who steps out of their assigned identity lane. As a gay man, Straka is “supposed” to be liberal – and now that he’s openly rejected the liberal agenda, and encouraging others to do the same, he especially cannot be tolerated by the liberal left.

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