Al Sharpton Uses His Own Charity as Cash Cow


Al Sharpton has had some stumbles this year. He was demoted at MSNBC. And it was exposed that he has some tax deadbeat issues.

But, Al doesn’t need to be concerned with a decrease in his MSNBC salary because he seems to have found a way to make up for it. He earned 70% more last year from his own non-profit, National Action Network. Sharpton is pulling in $412,000 from the group.

Charity Navigator, a charity watchdog group, already had National Action Network on its red flag list, so this won’t be entirely surprising. The group also reports the median compensation for comparable charities is a salary of $150,000.

Sharpton told National Review the reason for the jump in pay is to compensate him for years where he didn’t earn as much. But, Sandra Minuitti from Charity Navigator said it is not common for a non profit to work in that manner.

“Generally speaking, that’s not how nonprofits operate,” she says. “They generally don’t not pay their CEOs, then kind of make it up down the line. It may be a red flag, it’s certainly unusual, and it’s not how charities typically operate.”

Despite his tax delinquencies, Sharpton has enjoyed favor at the White House. It almost appears that the red carpet has been rolled out for him.

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H/T: National Review



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