Watchlist: Clintons Join Al Sharpton On Bad Charities List


Charity Navigator is a watchdog organization for charities. The organization has a Watchlist that warns potential donors about potentially troublesome charities. The Clinton Foundation keeps Al Sharpton’s National Action Network company on the red flagged list on the charity watchdog’s website.

The Clinton Foundation spent $9 million dollars in direct aid in 2013 after receiving $140 million. That is less than seven percent, far below the seventy five percent that signifies a reputable charity. The bulk of the funds went to travel, salaries and administration. With such a low amount directed to recipients, many are taking a second look at the Clinton Foundation’s true mission. Bill Ellison of the government watchdog the Sunlight Foundation had some harsh words for the Clintons.

“It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons.”

The non profit has been an eye sore to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. It was recently discovered that there are troubling concerns about the donations the Clinton Foundation received during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich even called it “illegal” and equated the donations to bribery.

Liz Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon appeared on the Willis Report to discuss the soiled reputation of the Clinton Foundation. She accused the Clintons of using their foundation to benefit themselves.


“They’ve used their powers for personal favors.”

Will the Clinton Foundation’s reputation have a negative impact on Hillary Clinton’s Presidential aspirations? Please comment below.

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