Newt Gingrich Has Harsh Words About Hillary’s “Illegal” Activities


Newt Gingrich appeared on ABC News’ This Week With George Stephanopoulos to discuss the impact Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash” will have on Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

The former Speaker of the House didn’t hold back when discussing how the Clinton Foundation accepted donations from foreign governments during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State.

“I mean, look, this isn’t a political problem, this is a historic problem. “The Constitution of the United States” says you cannot take money from foreign governments without explicit permission of the Congress. They wrote that in there because they knew the danger of corrupting our system by foreign money is enormous.

You had a sitting secretary of State whose husband radically increased his speech fees, you have a whole series of dots on the wall now where people gave millions of dollars — oh, by the way, they happen to get taken care of by the State Department.

Now, you raised a good standard, and, of course, having been on the Whitewater or on the Watergate committee, she knew exactly what to do. She eliminated 33,000 e-mails. Richard Nixon only erased 18 minutes.

So you’re going to have a prima facie case that any jury would look at.”


George Stephanopoulos, who worked for Bill Clinton’s Administration, was quick to defend Hillary and the Clinton Foundation, but Gingrich would not allow it.

“My point is they took money from foreign governments while she was secretary of State. That is clearly illegal. This is not about politics. It’s illegal. And it’s dangerous to America to have foreign governments get in the habit of bribing people who happen to be the husband of the secretary of State or the next president of the United States.”

Hillary’s newly launched Presidential campaign appears to be buckling under this latest scandal. Clinton still can’t seem to escape the stigma of the Benghazi attack. Adding to the discovery that she used a private server for her State Department emails and this possible money for access scandal, many in the left are concerned that her campaign will not succeed and are looking to draft Elizabeth Warren or Martin O’Malley into the Democratic primary.

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