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House Democrat Steve Cohen (TN) on Tuesday submitted a resolution calling for the impeachment of Attorney General William Barr. Cohen has been calling for Barr’s impeachment for over a week […]

Scott Pelosi

Senator Tim Scott revealed that his office was the recipient of numerous “racist messages” and placed the blame squarely on “liberal Democrats.” Scott (R-SC), the lone black Republican in the […]


On Monday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said that “we may all be moving to Canada soon” when discussing social media and alleged meddling in the upcoming presidential election. […]

gavin newsom national guard

On Tuesday, Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom said that California will soon introduce new COVID-19 restrictions, during a discussion about the growing rate of hospitalizations and increasing positive coronavirus results. […]


On Tuesday, Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez blasted an agreement to slash $1 billion from the New York City Police Department’s budget, claiming it was “not a victory” and that “the fight […]

The Democratic National Committee, from their official Twitter account, claimed a Fourth of July celebration at Mount Rushmore was a glorification of racism in America. President Trump announced early in […]

Beyoncé Declares That We Must ‘Dismantle The Racist And Unequal System’

On Sunday, pop singer Beyoncé received the Humanitarian Award presented by former First Lady Michelle Obama during the BET Awards. In a recorded acceptance speech, the legendary diva thanked Black […]

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Makes Fun Of President Trump: ‘Put A Mask On It’

On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo – who has been blasted far and wide early in the pandemic for demanding that nursing homes accept those diagnosed with coronavirus, likely […]

Andrew Cuomo Trump

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to say that the criticism he has been getting for nursing home coronavirus deaths is just his adversaries playing politics, yet still won’t answer […]

James Carville Trump

On Sunday, Democratic strategist James Carville responded on MSNBC to the report that Russian intelligence offered Afghan militants bounties to kill American soldiers by demanding answers from the the Trump […]

Authorities announced terrorism, rioting, and assault charges for violent protesters in Oklahoma City late last week, taking a shot at lawless Seattle in the process. Oklahoma County District Attorney David […]

Robert Davi Reagan

Conservative actor Robert Davi wrote that President Ronald Reagan never kneeled before the threat of communism in the 40s, the same threat we see today. Davi: Reagan Stood Up Against […]