DISGUSTING: Hillary Uses Dead Americans To Justify This Terrible Policy


Many Americans don’t trust Hillary Clinton. Polls show her favorables are underwater with voters. She is seen as shameless and untrustworthy. At Saturday’s Democrat presidential primary debate, Hillary Clinton continued that theme.

Hillary’s main competition, Senator Bernie Sanders, mentioned that Wall Street donors want something in exchange for their campaign contributions. Hillary saw this as a challenge to her reputation since she receives a significant amount of money from Wall Street. She jumped in using a rather bizarre excuse.

The former First Lady invoked the September 11th terrorist attacks to justify those donations that many Democratic primary voters find objectionable. 


It’s easy to imagine how the press would react to a credible Republican candidate using over 3,000 dead Americans to justify campaign donations. But as Marco Rubio pointed out, the mainstream media is Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC.

If Donald Trump said this, what do you think the headlines would say? Please join the discussion.

H/T: Red State

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