They Got Married Right After WWII And They Have A Beautiful Story To Share

We still have so much to learn from the Greatest Generation. Their sacrifices, work ethic, and loyalty are missing from modern society. They put their lives on hold and put our country first during World War II.

Robert Cox is a WWII veteran. He and his wife Doris decided to get married right after the war. The Idaho couple just celebrated their 69th anniversary this month and shared their story with Taylorview Middle School students to coincide with Veterans Day.

They decided to get married in early November, 1946. They picked this date as they figured they would be done harvesting crops. But a late fall caused them to still be working in the fields the day of their wedding!

Local News 8 reported on the couple’s story.

“It was a wonderful day,” Doris recalled. “We were intending to have all of the beets and all of the potatoes harvested because we had had a late fall.”

“And we were just finishing the spuds,” Robert said. “We set our wedding date clear into November, figuring the crops will all be done, things will be wonderful! Low and behold, we were just getting started on the sugar beets.”

“Frozen in the ground, but we went to the temple anyway,” Doris said. “Had an evening session after we worked in the beet field that day. And we had many loved ones with us.”

Even the dress has a story to tell. Fabric had been rationed because of the war, so the couple got creative. Robert asked his brother, who was stationed in Japan, to send silk for a dress if he was able to find some. His brother sent a Japanese parachute that Doris fashioned into a wedding dress that still fits all these years later.

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What do you think about this couple’s story? You can wish them a Happy Anniversary below.

H/T: Local 8 News

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