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sunny hostin criticizes Melania's auction
January 6, 2022
'The View's' Sunny Hostin claimed former first lady Melania Trump would be selling in announced auction would be “basement, tacky-type stuff.”
RNC Head Ronna McDaniel Says Media Also Owns Afghanistan Debacle Because They Enabled Biden Repeating His Basement Strategy From Election
August 20, 2021
Ronna McDaniel said media are also responsible for Joe Biden's botched withdrawal from Afghanistan president to be “the basement Biden,
October 27, 2020
When you’re this close to Election Day, and you’re not out there campaigning, there must be something wrong with your…
Trump On Biden And Coronavirus: 'We Cannot Lock Ourselves Up In A Basement Like Joe Does'
October 23, 2020
Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced off about coronavirus during the presidential debate with Trump jeering Biden for hiding in…
Chris Wallace Slams Team Biden For Dodging Interviews: ‘Damnedest Thing I’ve Ever Seen’
August 17, 2020
Fox News' Chris Wallace criticized presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden harshly recently for continuing to dodge media interviews.
July 27, 2020
Presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden got some advice from longtime Democratic strategist James Carville on Sunday.
McAuliffe Biden
June 10, 2020
Terry McAuliffe, a top campaign surrogate for Joe Biden, just admitted that his campaign prefers he stay "in the basement."
April 22, 2020
Fox News host Tucker Carlson absolutely leveled Chris Cuomo over a 'fake' stunt he and the network pulled showing him…
September 3, 2019
Kansas University has some faculty members who would like to banish a campus Chick-fil-A to the basement because they believe…