RNC’s McDaniel Says Media Responsible For Afghanistan Debacle Because They Enabled Biden’s Basement Election Strategy

RNC Head Ronna McDaniel Says Media Also Owns Afghanistan Debacle Because They Enabled Biden Repeating His Basement Strategy From Election

On Thursday, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel said the media are also responsible for Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan because they allowed the president to be “the basement Biden, the bunker Biden who didn’t have to account for how he would govern” during the 2020 election.

“And now he’s doing the same thing as president,” McDaniel claimed.

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RNC’s McDaniel: ‘Biden Owns Every Single Aspect Of This, And The Media Too’

McDaniel made her comments on Fox Business Network’s “Fox Business Tonight.”

The RNC head went hard in insisting that the way the media handled Biden during his presidential campaign is now reflected in how reporters cover his handling of U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the chaos that has followed.

McDaniel said, “Biden owns every single aspect of this, and the media [do] too. Because they chose not to vet him as he was a candidate.”

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McDaniel: ‘We Would Have Liked To Have Known That This Is What We Were Getting’

“They let him be the basement Biden, the bunker Biden who didn’t have to account for how he would govern, and now he’s doing the same thing as president,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel expressed that voters didn’t necessarily know what they were getting with Biden.

“And the American people are saying, wow, we would have liked to have known that this is what we were getting before we elected this guy,” she added. “So, he’s an MIA candidate, now he’s an MIA president.”

The 2020 election was certainly the most unusual in the modern era. 

While much of the country was shut down due to the COVID pandemic, the race itself was notable in how often Biden did not campaign, drawing a sharp contrast to President Trump, who barnstormed the country with massive rallies that were often the target of media scorn because of COVID. 


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