I admit that I don’t know a lot about running for president, but when you’re this close to Election Day, and you’re not out there campaigning, there must be something wrong with your health.

Or the fix is in. Something is going on in the Joe Biden campaign.

Biden is playing this election like he is running for class president. His game plan is the same – wherein he is claiming he is more likable than Trump and trying to hide that he is incompetent.

Biden is hiding in his basement because if he talks, voters may begin to understand why the plan is for Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders to run for the presidency.

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Dems Have Their Heads In The Sand On This One

What makes me nervous is that the Democrats obviously feel Joe doesn’t have to campaign, even with all of the enthusiasm being on Trump’s side and zero enthusiasm for Biden.

By all accounts, Trump should win in a landslide because everyone knows the polls are way off.

But the Democrats seem to be overly confident, which makes me very suspicious about the whole mail-in voting system they’ve been pushing so hard.

It is as though they know that it doesn’t matter how many people show up for President Trump and blow Biden‘s numbers away–they could show up after the election with fraudulent ballots and commit mass voter fraud.

If this happens, the Democrats will push us right into a civil war, and Biden definitely won’t be taking office then.

The majority of the American people aren’t just going to stand by and grumble under their breath or in their private little circle of friends and then say, “oh well, there’s always next election.”

Because there won’t be. That’s the point.

They Dare Not Cheat This Election

If Americans votes are canceled by hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots and by destroying ballots from heavily Republican districts, then voters will understand that our votes don’t matter anymore.

They will believe that our elections are rigged and pointless and that whoever the Democrats, Washington establishment, media and Big Tech want as president, then that’s who will be president.

This is third world stuff.

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That’s a Banana republic type of rule, which George Orwell warned us of in 1984.

And that’s what starts civil wars and revolutions, which I hope to God doesn’t happen, but that’s the road the Democrats seem to want to take us down.

That’s one of the horrible things about civil wars – everyone is forced into it whether they like it or not.

It seems the Democrats want power at any cost that they don’t understand how much they’re playing with fire.

I don’t see the American people standing quietly and accepting socialism and Chinese communist rule without putting up a big BIG fight.

Trump Is Ahead In The Polls

Trump is ahead in the latest Rasmussen national poll released Monday. He will win all of the swing states and be reelected in a landslide in the Electoral College.

Even so, it is important to get out there and vote. It is up to all of us to ensure that the President’s margin of victory is large enough to overcome any amount of voter fraud by the Democrats.

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This is all the more critical, as Demented Joe admitted over the weekend in a rare moment of candor that the Democrats have assembled the largest voter fraud organization in history.

Whether he wins or not, Trump has never stopped working for the American working man and woman. No president has done that for a long time.

Those who voted for Biden will see their wages go back to the Obama-Biden stagflation with no growth and higher unemployment.

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