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Biden economy
April 25, 2024
President Joe Biden defended newly released underperforming economic growth numbers which show inflation rising again.
April 25, 2024
Wednesday that the US had secretly shipped long range missiles to Ukraine and that Kyiv had used them in their ongoing war with Russia.
April 24, 2024
More than 1.7 million foreign nationals have illegally entered the U.S. in the first six months of fiscal 2024, a record.
April 24, 2024
Speaking to three people, Biden told them, “I used to drive a tractor trailer, so I know a little bit about driving big trucks.”
Bill Barr Trump
April 23, 2024
Bill Barr’s unexpected shift: from criticizing Trump to supporting him. Find out what led to this change here!
Hillary Clinton Trump
April 22, 2024
Learn about Hillary Clinton’s claims on a podcast, suggesting Trump wants to ‘kill his opposition’ and operate like Putin and Kim Jong Un.
April 19, 2024
There has been a double digit shift from Joe Biden to Donald Trump among voters age 18-29, which typically votes Democrat.
IMF warning
April 18, 2024
The International Monetary Fund warned the United States that government spending and increasing national debt are not sustainable.
Travis Kelce Taylor Swift
April 16, 2024
Swifties are losing their minds after Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce “liked” a pro-Trump post on Instagram.
April 15, 2024
HBO host Bill Maher said he is “okay” with abortion even though opponents of it consider it “murder,” something he didn’t really dispute.
democrat election money
April 12, 2024
Progressives are using legal loopholes and the federal government to maximize Democrat votes in the 2024 election at taxpayers’ expense.
April 11, 2024
While most racial minorities in the United States still align more with the Democratic party, Republicans are making gains with those voters.