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Wayne is a freelance writer who was named the 2015 American Conservative Union Blogger of the Year and awarded the 2014 Podcast Of the Year; Best in Show. He has over 160K followers on Twitter (@WayneDupreeShow) and over 300K followers on Facebook (@WayneDupreeShow). In 2016, he was named one of the Top 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans by Newsmax.

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Carrying credit cards, oyster cards – even your house keys or ID – will soon become a thing of the past if bio-hackers get their way. Younger generations, who may […]

Was anyone surprised that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her crew would be endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders? Let’s be real. The entire cast of the Democrat field is below the benchmark […]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed on publicly to the Democrats holding impeachment inquiry hearings, calling witnesses, and investigating whether or not they would go through the process of impeaching President […]

Last week, CNN hosted an LGBTQ Town Hall with 2020 Democratic candidates. What I couldn’t get through my head is when Beto O’Rourke hit religion and churches when he said that […]

Sen. Mitt Romney ‘believes he can bring Trump down’ through impeachment. Can he? In a word, no. What’s crazy about Romney these days is that he’s more active now than […]

Grammy award-winning artist Rihanna doesn’t do many interviews these days, which means she should have left this one in the box. Yet, she had to say something to get clicks, […]

Rep. Ilhan Omar has another challenger for her Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District Congressional seat. His name is Chris Kelly, who is a Husband, Father, US Army Veteran, and Minneapolis Police […]

“Last year, voters rejected a statewide ballot initiative that would have expanded rent control statewide.” Yet here we are with the state legislature and Governor doing precisely what the citizens […]

This is shaping up to be a huge war between two factions. On one side you have a group that doesn’t care if they are doing things by the book, […]

I originally had mixed emotions when I heard that Energy Secretary Rick Perry was going to step down. Once again, the media puts out allegations that aren’t true, so they need […]

According to the latest IBD-TIPP’s October poll, President Trump is receiving increased support from independent voters and holding an edge with the demographic over Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. […]

Did you ever realize how most Republicans would sit there and take Democrat punches while President Trump punches back. I love this guy! Trump and the White House are sending […]