Hannity Presses DeSantis: What Happened Between You and Donald Trump?

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On Monday night, Sean Hannity questioned Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on “what went wrong” in his relationship with former President Donald Trump.

In response to a question about how the relationship between the Florida Governor and the former president has deteriorated, Hannity, who has been a close adviser to Trump, noted that he was the first Fox News presenter to interview the former president after he had been absent from the network for six months.

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Hannity said, “I always considered the two of you as buddies. I was there in 2018 when I last interviewed President Trump. And I asked him a really straightforward question. I quizzed him. What occurred, I questioned. It only seems fair to me to ask you the same question, too. What do you believe transpired?”

DeSantis, who was speaking by satellite from Tokyo while on a tour, added, “You know, I loved supporting him while he was president. I always had a wonderful connection with him, and we worked incredibly hard in Florida to get him reelected. And then, after the midterm elections, he began criticizing me!”

DeSantis said, “I didn’t really do anything to accomplish it but do a good job. But that’s all right. Sean, you know that you accept input from a number of targets while you’re making things happen. So, that’s simply how business is done. And I’m pleased to act firmly and morally.”

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