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While everyone is counting the days until President Barack Obama finally leaves office, people are forgetting about Vice President Joe Biden.

Obama is getting all the attention, the retrospectives, and the farewells, but poor ol’ Uncle Joe is being left behind in the tributes.

That is, until now. Heat Street has put together a little video tribute to Biden titled “Thanks for the Gaffes.”

The compilation features some of Biden’s most racist quotes and verbal gaffes against a backdrop of his strangest, most creepy pictures.

Honestly, the video could have been way longer. Not included was the famous moment Biden told Chuck Graham, who sits in a wheelchair, to stand up, or when he said JOBS was a three letter word. Or the time when Biden stupidly pointed out the guy who holds the nuclear codes, when he referred to the “nation of Africa,” or when he said Ted Kennedy was “an anchor to many.” They also missed another 10 pictures of Biden creepily touching people against their will. The list of gaffes just goes on and on and on.

Good/bad news is, there will be a lot more gaffes to come now that Biden says he wants to run for president again in 2020 against Trump. Now THAT would be a “big f***ing deal!”

What other crazy Joe Biden moments do you think should be added to this gaffe video? Submit your ideas in the comments below!