Joe Biden’s 12 Greatest Gaffes

Vice President Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving. In the holiday spirit this week, Republicans should give thanks to Biden for being an epic source of hilarity. Democrats and Obama supporters meanwhile can be thankful that he is the leading reason for not impeaching the President.

Let’s all now sit back, relax as we let the┬átryptophan surge through our bodies, and enjoy what most people refer to as – Joe being Joe.

That time he told President Obama that a health care law passed because Americans are stupid, was “a big f***ing deal.”

When he created panic by telling people they could catch swine flu by flying on an airplane.

7-11s and Dunkin’ Donuts are full of people with strange accents.

President Obama’s big stick.

Counting is hard.

If we do everything right, we still might do it wrong.

Can you believe an African-American is clean and articulate?

I’m running for Vice President, but I suck compared to Hillary.

The internet is hard.

Stand up Chuck! Oh wait …

History is hard.

Your President, Barack America!

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