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Former FBI Director Mueller Appointed Special Counsel For Trump-Russia Investigation

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to oversee the Trump-Russia investigation. Mueller served as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 12 years (2001-2013). Appointed by President George W. Bush, President Obama asked him to serve another two years in addition to his ten-year term.

Robert Mueller’s Role

Attorney General Sessions has recused himself from this investigation. Therefore, Deputy Attorney Rosenstein used his authority as “Acting” Attorney General to appoint Mueller to the position.

Several administrations have appointed Special counsels (previously called independent counsels) to prosecute specific cases.  Authorities bring in special counsel when cases involve members of a current Administration. This is done to avoid conflicts of interest.

Famous instances include Ken Starr’s investigation into the “Whitewater” scandal. James Comey himself appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the Plame affair.

Mueller will have full authority to subpoena and prosecute anyone he sees fit. The investigation is already on-going with grand juries reportedly having requested information on both Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn.

President Trump and the White House have said that there is no need for a special prosecutor or investigative commission.

President Trump used Rosenstein’s recommendation as the basis for firing FBI Director Comey last week.

Both Rosenstein and Mueller are experienced prosecutors. They served under both Republicans and Democrats.

Here is President Trump’s response:

Our Analysis

The appointment of a special counsel means that Russia scandal is not going away anytime soon. These special prosecutions can drag on for years and often yield few results. However, all the current evidence available points to no wrongdoing by Trump or anyone associated with his campaign.  Even if Mueller returns with nothing, liberals will say it isn’t enough.


Do you think a special counsel is necessary? Share your thoughts.