Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Lawmakers Who Vote For Ukraine Aid Forced Into Ukrainian Military

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Most conservative Republicans are very much against the over $60 billion in new Ukraine aid that the GOP and Democratic establishments desperately want. Especially considering the billions America has already spent there.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has a great idea: House members who insist on voting for this aid can also go over there and fight in the Ukrainian military.

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Greene to Pro-Ukraine Aid House Members: ‘Why Don’t You Go Fight’

Greene introduced an amendment to the proposed aid on Wednesday.

The bill would force members of Congress who vote to send more of our money to Ukraine to also go there and fight the war themselves.

“Any Member of Congress who votes in favor of this Act shall be required to conscript in the Ukrainian military,” the amendment reads.

Few expect Greene’s amendment to make into the final bill – bet her point is still taken.

Greene and other Republicans have been staunch opponents of Ukraine aid and are slamming of House Speaker Mike Johnson, who on Wednesday presented the text of three aid bills for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

So much for America First.

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Vacate Johnson?

Greene has even filed a notion to vacate Johnson from his Speaker post, something her fellow Republican Congressman Thomas Massie has also signed off on over this insistence on sending even more taxpayer dollars abroad.

Over in the Senate, Rand Paul agrees with Massie and Greene about Johnson.

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America Last

America First is either something conservatives believe in or not. If Republican leadership is hellbent on sending billions to foreign countries instead of either letting Americans pay less in taxes or using it to fix problems in the U.S., what is the point of even having Republican leadership?

Joe Biden loves Mike Johnson’s plan.

The president said in a statement on Wednesday, “I strongly support this package to get critical support to Israel and Ukraine, provide desperately needed humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza, and bolster security and stability in the Indo-Pacific. Israel is facing unprecedented attacks from Iran, and Ukraine is facing continued bombardment from Russia that has intensified dramatically in the last month.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s idea to make Congress members go fight might be the best idea in this whole debate.

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