MSNBC’s Joy Reid Says There’s Something ‘Wonderfully Poetic’ About DEI Officials Prosecuting Trump

Joy Reid could hardly contain her excitement over the fact that several "DEI officials" are behind the prosecution of former President Donald Trump.
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MSNBC host Joy Reid could hardly contain her excitement over the fact that several “DEI officials” are behind the prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

The acronym DEI stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Critics of such policies suggest it is outright racism, using skin color or other demographics in hiring practices. In other words, affirmative action. Something the Supreme Court recently ended for college admissions.

Reid, in a segment with fellow host Lawrence O’Donnell, says black attorneys going after Trump is “wonderfully poetic.”

“But for me, there is something wonderfully poetic about the fact … the first person to actually criminally prosecute Donald Trump is a black Harvard grad,” Reid beams.

She then falsely suggests former Trump officials “never” want to see black people “at Harvard Law School.”

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Joy Reid Cheers To MSNBC Panel – ‘Go My DEIs’

MSNBC host Joy Reid then pivoted to the alleged election interference charges in Georgia, as well as the widely panned civil fraud lawsuit in New York.

“And a black woman is doing that same exact thing in Georgia, and a black woman forced you to pay a $175 million fine,” Reid adds.

She is referring to District Attorney Fani Willis in Georgia and New York Attorney General Letitia James.

“Donald Trump is being held to account by the very multicultural, multiracial democracy that he’s trying to dismantle … It says something good about our country that we’re still capable of having that happen,” she says.

Reid then cheerleads: “Go, DEI. My DEIs are bringing it home.”

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Reid – Republicans Are Anti-DEI Because They Can’t Stand Black People

In a career mired in mediocrity and the absurd, Joy Reid’s comments about DEI are pretty impressive.

But it’s also pretty revealing on a few counts:

  • She’s admitting the prosecutions are more about revenge for perceived racism than they are about the law.
  • It’s proof that DEI hiring is fraught with pitfalls since each of these people she is celebrating has been widely ridiculed by legal experts as either overreaching or generally incompetent at their jobs.
  • With so many prominent black officials it’s almost as if there’s no ‘systemic racism’ to be upset about.

Reid recently accused Republicans of opposing racist DEI hiring practices because they “can’t stand black people.”

“At this point, it’s evident what they mean by DEI, right? It means black people. It’s the reason the right complained about Critical Race Theory. It’s not fashionable to be openly racist anymore in America unlike what they call the good old days,” she ranted.

“So just say what you mean,” Reid added. “You can’t stand black people. We get it. You’ve been heard.”

Reid has been under fire previously for bigoted, homophobic blog posts, which she claims were posted by hackers. She was not held accountable by MSNBC.

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