Joy Reid’s Racist Rant On MLK Day – White Christians Are ‘Overrepresented’ In Iowa

During coverage of the Iowa Caucus last night, MSNBC host Joy Reid complained about the role of demographics in the results, saying white Christians are "overrepresented."
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During coverage of the Iowa Caucus last night, MSNBC host Joy Reid complained about the role of demographics in the results, saying white Christians are “overrepresented.”

It was a shockingly racist comment on a day meant to celebrate the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.

There is little ambiguity in the fact that Reid’s main issue is that former President Donald Trump won the caucus in a dominating fashion.

Networks across every spectrum were stunned at the speed and breadth at which Trump won. Even CNN was practically beside themselves in calling the results within minutes.

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Joy Reid Unhappy With White Christians

Reid claimed that Trump’s victory over former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley is a sign that Iowa voters are too white and too Christian.

Haley came in third with 19.1% of the vote, behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (21.2%) and of course, Trump (51.0%). It was a blowout by any measure. Trump won every county with the exception of Johnson County, where Haley got him by one vote.

Enter Reid, who provides what MSNBC executives apparently feel is intelligent analysis.

“I feel like the important sort of data point … is that these are white Christians,” she said. “That this is a state that is overrepresented by white Christians that are gonna participate in the caucuses.”

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Reid’s Continued Rant Against White Christians

Reid’s commentary further suggested that white Christians in Iowa are racist, hence Trump’s dominant victory over Haley and biotech engineer Vivek Ramaswamy.

“When you believe that God has given you this country, that it is yours, and that everyone who is not a white, conservative Christian is a fraudulent American. Is a less- a less real American. Then you don’t care about electability,” she claimed. “You care about what God has given you.”

Can you simply imagine the chaos and the lost careers that would result in a Fox News or Newsmax anchor suggesting that Biden and Kamala Harris won New York or California because black voters are over-represented?

Or if they addressed districts in blue states that were predominantly black as “hyper-black?”

As if that weren’t enough, Reid also suggested the “white Evangelical Christians” in Iowa wanted minorities to “bow down” to them.

No, we’re not kidding.

“They’re not trying to convince people and win people over through politics,” she said. “What they’re saying is, ‘We own this country, and everyone will bow down to us.’”

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