Joy Reid Thinks DeSantis Is Even More ‘Fascist’ Than Donald Trump

MSNBC host Joy Reid believes Ron DeSantis is running a campaign so "fascist" that it makes Donald Trump look tame by comparison.
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MSNBC host Joy Reid believes Ron DeSantis is running a campaign so “fascist” that it makes Donald Trump look tame by comparison.

Reid made the comments as she analyzed GOP candidate poll numbers on Monday’s edition of “The ReidOut.” DeSantis, she noted, is running second to the former President.

“What does it say about the Republican Party that the next guy down is Ron DeSantis, who is running the most openly fascist campaign I think I’ve ever seen?” she asked her panel.

“And I’m saying that having covered Donald Trump running for president?” added Reid. “That’s the next guy down.”

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Joy Reid Says DeSantis Is the Most Fascist

Reid’s comments are not to be taken seriously, as we’re not dealing with an intelligent individual here. After all, it’s quite clear that like most liberals, she doesn’t know what the word “fascist” means, and when she uses it it’s actually an example of projection.

Reid’s guest, Stuart Stevens of the Lincoln Project, joked that if DeSantis is going to eclipse Trump, then he’ll have to find a way to get arrested.

“I mean, I suppose if you’re inside the DeSantis war room, you’ve gotta think of a way to get yourself indicted to get up ahead of Donald Trump,” he quipped. “This just goes to my point that this is what the party wants to be. And it’s a hard thing for a lot of us who worked in the party to accept that we helped create this monster. But we did.”

Stevens, of course, exaggerates his role. He is so inconsequential in the Republican party that he once was a part of the Mitt Romney campaign and even they didn’t like him. He was widely viewed as the loser who helped Romney become a loser.

Not to mention, if Stevens wants to discuss “monsters,” he can just look at the group he works for. The Lincoln Project’s co-founder John Weaver was accused by nearly two dozen young men of having sexually harassed and “groomed” them.

Those are the people that are monsters.

Stevens went on to agree that DeSantis is “worse than Trump.”

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He’s Making Florida The Greatest Place On Earth

While Reid now views DeSantis’ campaign as “openly fascist,” she recently penned an op-ed where she claimed it was his “quiet plan for the Constitution” that is “frighteningly serious.”

Which is it, Joy? Is he quietly fascist or openly fascist?

Reid’s criticism is so off the wall that it makes you wonder if she’s actually more concerned about DeSantis’ campaign than Trump’s. She has suggested a DeSantis administration would turn America into either Russia, China, or North Korea.

That’s not a sane person.

Earlier this year she went on a rant against DeSantis, suggesting he is turning the Sunshine State into a veritable hell on Earth.

It sounded awesome.

“He’s taking aim at drag performances, even suggesting that he would urge the state’s child protective services to investigate parents who take their own kids to one,” Reid explained.

“He’s actively trying to ban COVID vaccine mandates and restricting mask rules while at the same time calling for probes into supposed wrongdoing linked to the vaccine,” she continued. “And he’s doing all of this while making sure that anyone can walk around with a gun, no permit required.”

Yes, please.

Reid concluded that Florida is “a right-wing fantasy land — like Disney World but in hell,” adding: “Come to Florida, the meanest place on Earth.”

For those who think DeSantis is the way to go because he’d get more independent voters and the media would treat him less terribly than they do Trump – don’t kid yourself.

It starts with left-wing loons like Reid, but will eventually morph into every media outlet comparing him to a Nazi, a fascist, or Putin’s puppet.

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