The Political Insider Experiences Explosive Growth in the First Year of Publication

Press Release

Reston, Virginia, April 29, 2015: The Political Insider, a digital news publisher and subsidiary of Aurora Media, Inc., ranked in the top 10 most socially engaged media outlets on Viral News Chart in March 2015. The Political Insider grew 14-fold within nine months of its debut on Facebook and has more than 1.4 million Facebook fans. Top-performing Facebook posts reach upwards of 10 million people and popular articles have hit as high as #4 on the Viral News Chart.

The exclusive mix of news and commentary that The Political Insider provides to its politically attuned readers through social media and email messages engaged more than 7.4 million visitors on its website in March 2015, according to Google Analytics.

Aurora Media, Inc. CEO Kevin Lucido stated, “We couldn’t be more pleased with the growth since Intermarkets, Inc. helped to evolve The Political Insider into a full scale digital publication. Their social media strategy has allowed the publication to not only deliver content at scale but also to compete with mainstream media outlets online. The Political Insider’s audience size and engagement tell us the readers are getting what they want, where they want it.”

VP of Strategic Media for Intermarkets, Inc., Shauna Schatz, added, “Our success is definitely thanks to The Political Insider’s readers. It’s their desire to seek alternatives to traditional media outlets and interact with like-minded individuals online that’s truly driving the success – we are simply facilitating this thriving community.”

Originally an opt-in email list for political donors and activists, The Political Insider was acquired by Aurora Media, Inc. in 2013 and then relaunched in 2014 as a social media and digital news publication. The site’s audience has grown 350% since it debuted late last spring and now ranks consistently in the top 500 US sites on Quantcast, a prevalent audience measurement platform. is a member of the Intermarkets, Inc. portfolio of digital publishers focused on generating content across web, social, email, and mobile channels. The Political Insider provides a unique take on news, politics, and cultural trends and regularly outcompetes national brands and viral sites in terms of social traffic per user.

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