NY Union Leader After Trump Meeting: Democrats Are Pushing Everybody To The Other Side

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On Wednesday, Donald Trump met with New York union leader Bobby Bartels.

As the head of Steamfitters Local 638, Bartels said his fellow working-class, blue-collar union members were leaning heavily towards Trump in the presidential election.

Traditionally, union members have voted more heavily for Democrats. This time, Trump’s stand on issues like immigration, crime, and taxes are primary motivators.

Bartels had a few words after the meeting as well, telling Newsmax’s Addison Smith that he feels like over the last four years that the Democratic Party has “basically pushed everybody to the other side.”

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Union Leader Bartels: ‘I Want What’s Right for America’

“In the past, we are basically Democrats, all of us,” Bartles said on Thursday. “And after what’s happened the last 4 years in this country, Democrats are basically pushing everybody to the other side.

“We are a very patriotic group and we love our country and we want the best for America,” he added.

“We are tired of immigration, we are tired of our tax dollars going to immigration, we are tired of the crime, we need to put a handle back on things in this country,” Bartels continued.

The union leader’s comments sound like they could have come from any Republican meeting in the country.

Bartels also told Fox News, “I put out a poll in my union. President Trump is leading Joe Biden 3 to 1 in my presidential poll out of my 9,000 members.”

That’s quite a sea change for union members’ politics.

Bartels elaborated during his Fox News interview.

“Nothing changes my opinion because… I want to see what’s done for America. I want what’s right for America.” Bartels told host Brian Kilmeade, “I want what’s right for the citizens, and my members want that also.”

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‘Biden is the Worst President in History’

“They are very agitated. They are living week to week, some of them are not affording their bills, and I think things need to change.”

“Members have basically told me, ‘Listen, we want to vote for this guy,’ so when the time is right and I have a bigger poll to be done, we will make that decision, but I will do whatever my members want me to do.”

Bartels then really stuck it to Biden.

“Normally a Democrat will win New York,” he continued. “Biden is the worst president in history…”

Sounds like traditionally blue New York could work out better for Donald Trump than many might have expected.

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