What Is the Cure For the DEI Virus That Has Infected Medical Schools?

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This month, conservative radio host Glenn Beck broke down the extent of DEI ideology in the medical community. The examples came from universities from coast to coast.

Mandatory seminars on critical race theory and gender ideology abound while tried-and-true principles of medicine are abandoned. Medical treatment based on individualized patient care has been replaced with unrelated demographic groupings taking its place.

So, for those citizens who think the college campus woke mind virus won’t affect them in their daily lives, you may not feel so safe after learning what your future pediatrician, primary care doctor, and specialty surgeon are taught in school. So much for the Hippocratic Oath!

Woke Medicine Kills

Last week, Glenn Beck provided scathing examples of what is being taught nationwide in medical schools. For instance, at Harvard Medical School, there is a mandatory course titled Social Change and the Practice of Medicine.

The course aims to teach young want to be doctors to be “important advocates for social change.” Mr. Beck also mentioned my alma mater, George Washington University.

The George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences offers a course on “how to talk about race, power, and privilege in classroom and clinical settings.” Aspiring medical students are taught how to move “beyond bystanding…to disrupting racism.”

At Good Ole’ GW, they also teach Beyond the Binary: Navigating pregnancy and affirming care for people with diverse gender identities. What would George Washington say about that?!

I imagine he’d be dumbfounded due to the nonsensical language utilized by his namesake university and others like it. The land of the free and the home of the brave is also now the land of pregnant persons and chest feeders.

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It would be comical if it weren’t the reality of every institution and field in modern America. According to work done by an organization named Do No Harm:

“…23 of America’s top 25 medical schools now have anti-racism instruction as the core part of their curriculum.”

Who needs anatomy and biology when you can learn about how modern medicine is inherently racist?

The doctor says you’re racist

Extreme liberal ideas coming out of college campuses are not a new concept. What is new is the genuine danger these latest extreme ideologies pose to society.

Earlier this year, an adjunct assistant professor of medical education told an audience of over 300 medical students at the University of California at San Francisco that white people are racist because we are genetically predisposed to psychopathy. As a white person, this news surprised me.

So naturally, I poked around to find out if it was confirmed that because of my skin color, I am predisposed to psychopathy. A fair amount of scientific medical reports are published on the National Institute of Health’s library that says there is NOT a correlation between race and psychopathy.

But what do they know? All it takes for something to be true is for enough people to believe it.

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Meanwhile, over at Johns Hopkins University, an email was sent out by a DEI professional earlier this year with a list of characteristics requiring immediate repentance. The list provided by the still-employed Dr. Sherita Golden included the following “privileged” identities:

  • white people
  • able-bodied
  • heterosexuals
  • cisgender
  • males
  • Christians
  • middle or owning-class people
  • middle-aged
  • English speakers

That’s quite the list. I fit all but one of those identities, and only two of them are even the result of choices.

Sorry…. not sorry?

I’m gonna be sick

The med school incident that takes the cake for the cringiest comes from UCLA’s School of Medicine. Recently, first-year med students were required to attend a lecture on structural racism.

The lecture was titled Housing (In)justice in LA: Addressing Unhousing and Practicing Solidarity. It was given by activist and “Poverty Scholar” Lisa Gray-Garcia and included forced chanting of “Free Palestine.”

Additionally, students were pressured to kneel in prayer to “Mama Earth” by Ms. Gray-Garcia. During her “lecture,” she called modern medicine “white science.”

After the event, she posted the following:

“Infiltrate to liberate. This knowledge, us skolaz shud b invited into every medical & law/social work, psychology & education dept to name a few, across occupied Turtle Island.”

It’s hard to imagine the parents paying for tuition at these overpriced places of “higher education,” believing their money is well spent. It’s any wonder anyone wants to be a doctor anymore, with lectures such as those.

That’s precisely the trend the United States is seeing. It’s estimated that by 2034, the U.S. will have a projected surgeon shortfall of 30,000.

Currently the U.S. is short 2,500 trauma surgeons. The only cure for this virus is completely amputating it from our institutions and professional fields.

It has latched onto hosts in medicine, anthropology, law, astrophysics, biology, the military, public schools, and every facet you can think of. If we aren’t careful, it won’t be long before aspiring physicians are taught to triage patients based on skin color rather than their illness or injury severity.

If that sounds too much like a dystopian TV series plot where some evil shadowy group attempts a sick form of population control to maintain power, just remember this: “people who menstruate” and pronouns such as xe and xyr are a thing now.

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