Biden Claims He Used To Drive an 18-Wheeler. Factcheck: False

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In late November, President Joe Biden touted the benefits of a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package during a visit at Dakota County Technical College in Minnesota.

Biden joined students in the college’s Heavy Duty Truck Technology area, where he toured the premises.

The president told the students that they were the next generation of American workers and emphasized why he thought they were important.

Then he kept talking, which of course meant he started making up fake stories, as Joe Biden often does.

‘I Used to Drive a Tractor Trailer’

Speaking to three people, Biden told them, “I used to drive a tractor trailer, so I know a little bit about driving big trucks.”

A young male student responded by saying “Awesome.”

Of course, Biden went on, “I only did it for part of a summer, but I got my license anyway.”

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Not the First Time He’s Said This

After that happened the RNC Research Twitter/X account shared, “Joe Biden — who has been a politician for 48 years — repeats the lie that he ‘used to drive a tractor trailer.”

That’s right. Joe Biden said the same thing in 2021.

And got fact checked!

Politifact followed up on Biden’s claims. But what did they find?

“We asked the White House press office about Biden’s truck driving credentials and did not hear back,” Politifact noted. “There’s no record that he drove an 18-wheeler, the typical meaning of a tractor trailer. The closest experience he had was in 1973, when, as a senator, he rode along on a 536-mile tractor-trailer trip from Delaware to Ohio. “


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Lyin’ Biden

“Biden said he used to drive a tractor trailer” the fact-checker reminded. “There is no record that he did, and his comments in the past suggest that at most, he was given the chance to drive one at some point. His reference to a summer job suggests that he was referring to his time as a bus driver, not a truck driver.”

“We rate this claim False,” they added.

Who would have thought? Forgetful Joe making stuff up and telling lies.


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