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Protesters VIOLENTLY ATTACK Trump Supporters – And Then Make THIS SHOCKING Chant!!

Trump rally
More violence broke out at a Trump rally overnight, and there’s no way that Bernie Sanders is going to be able to escape the blame from this one.

That’s because of what protesters were chanting after cowardly attacking Trump supporters – and it was caught on video!!

Watch below:

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Yup – they end their orgy of violence by chanting “Bernie! Bernie!”

And there were many more attacks like this and worse. One Trump supporter was sucker-punched while walking away, another woman was pelted with eggs. Even liberals and “Never Trump” people on social media were disgusted by the actions of these degenerates.

Here’s a report on the attacks on Trump supporters:

What do you think? Is Bernie at least partly to blame for the violence at Trump rallies? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!!

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