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Breaking News! This Major Republican Just Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race!?!

Marco Rubio

CNN reports that political operatives inside Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) presidential campaign are insisting that their boss drop out of the race, before his campaign gets crushed in future primary races. They want him to have a political future, instead of being the candidate who lost in a devastating landslide defeat against conservative businessman Donald J. Trump.

This is a bombshell report, and is very meaningful just before major Republican primaries. Wow…

A battle is being waged within Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign about whether he should even remain in the Republican presidential race ahead of his home state primary on March 15, sources say.

Rubio himself is “bullish” on his odds of winning the critical primary, despite some advisers who are less hopeful and believe a loss there would damage him politically in both the short- and long-term.

Publicly, the campaign is maintaining they are still a contender in this race, touting a Sunday win in Puerto Rico’s primary that delivered Rubio 23 delegates. But privately, the campaign is having a debate about whether he should remain in the mix — even for his home state of Florida’s primary.

“He doesn’t want to get killed in his home state,” one source familiar with the discussions said, noting “a poor showing would be a risk and hurt his political future.”[…]

There are two lines of thought within the campaign: getting out before Florida, and hanging in there.

On the one hand, some advisers are warning that if Rubio does poorly in his home state, it could not only hurt his presidential campaign but also his future politically, including a potential gubernatorial run in 2018 or chance to be on the ticket as a vice presidential candidate.

“Cruz won his home state. If Rubio can’t win his, that’s a problem,” one prominent supporter said.


This comes on the heels of former candidate Mitt Romney’s anti-Trump speech. People within elite Republican circles are watching his every move, as the GOP heads closer to a likely contested convention in Cleveland, Ohio. A brokered convention which doesn’t result in a Trump victory would be a major defeat for grassroots Tea Party activists and would be a nightmare for the Republican Party to deal with… especially if they have to face off against Hillary Clinton.

If Rubio is going to stop Trump, he has to do it within the next few days to allow Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) the ability to win enough delegates to remain competitive. The clock is ticking, and it appears Rubio finally realizes how hopeless his chances are.

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