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USA Today Just Dropped a BOMB on Hillary and the Clinton Foundation – BREAKING NEWS

Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation scandal is getting worse by the hour.

First focused on by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), progressive groups and Huffington Post writers are calling for the criminal foundation to be shut down.

Now, USA Today, a liberal newspaper, is also sick and tired of Hillary Clinton’s foundation, as it was set up solely to accept bribes from foreign governments and to buy access to the Secretary of State.

As Townhall explains:

It’s not just Trump and the Republicans who are noticing the ethical dilemmas Clinton faces with her family’s foundation. Even members of the media are saying it’s time to shut it down to avoid any further pay-to-play allegations that could hamper her presidency should she win in November. The power couple has already said that they will sever their official ties with the Foundation should they win the election (Hillary has already resigned from the board), and they would stop accepting money from foreign and corporate interests. That still doesn’t shield them from paid access accusations, as we’ve seen from her time at State.

USA Today’s editorial board wrote this week that should Clinton win, she would have to shut down the Foundation in order to be successful in her long-term campaign to build trust with voters, among squashing other ethical questions that will certainly zap her political capital (not saying that this would be a bad thing—as it could soften her up for 2020…maybe?):

Ending foreign and corporate contributions is a good step, but allowing them to continue at least through the first week of November looks more like an influence-peddling fire sale (Give while you still can!) than a newfound commitment to clean government.And the complex plan for allowing donations from U.S. citizens and permanent residents, keeping some parts of the Clinton Foundation alive, and maintaining scores of Clinton-family allies on the payroll is less an opportunity for a clean slate than a guarantee of new controversy.


[T]he only way to eliminate the odor surrounding the foundation is to wind it down and put it in mothballs, starting today, and transfer its important charitable work to another large American charity such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. If Hillary Clinton doesn’t support these steps, she boosts Trump’s farcical presidential campaign and, if she’s elected, opens herself up to the same kind of pay-to-play charges that she was subject to as secretary of State.


Should Clinton win, she’ll face an uphill battle to rebuild trust in government and find a way to get Washington working again. That task will be all the harder if millions of voters repulsed by Trump’s rhetoric and concerned with his volatile behavior find that his “Crooked Hillary” taunt had some substance in fact.

The Clintons have been corrupt for decades. But it’s clear that their incredible wealth and activities from the Clinton Foundation are too much for even their staunchest defenders to deal with.

This is the beginning of the end for Hillary Clinton. With Chelsea Clinton announcing she would run the Foundation, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton could not be trusted in the White House.

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