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Shocking Sex Scandal Could Bring Down The United Nations!

A shocking story about United Nations “peace-keeping” forces (“Blue Helmets”) in Africa has the whole world on edge!

The wanna-be “world government” is already well-known for its rabid Anti-American and Anti-Israel attitudes.

But this latest scandal could put the United Nations in danger of disbanding. Who would want to be giving millions to the UN every year if the money is going towards these henious acts?

Via HeatSheet:

Instead, numerous Blue Helmets have used their position as an opportunity to engage in acts of rape and paedophilia. This abuse of power is no secret: it first emerged over a year ago. In fact, it is so widespread that the United Nations was subject to an independent report “on the Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by International Peace Keeping Forces.”

In exchange for the assistance they were deployed in order to provide, in exchange for basic necessities such as food and water, UN soldiers have been sexually exploiting children. The Blue Helmets attacked the very people they were sent to protect. Children as young as 7 have been targeted, with a girl forced to perform “oral sex on French soldiers in exchange for a bottle of water and a sachet of cookies.”

Three girls reported being stripped, tied up, and forced to engage in bestiality with a dog by a French military commander.

This is disgusting. We should have left the UN long-ago, but now we have no choice but to abandon this festering, corrupt organization.

The United States cannot be financially supporting the rape and assault of thousands of innocent and vulnerable children.

Should America leave the United Nations? Share your thoughts!