Unlike our previous president, President Donald Trump is a vocal supporter of our nation’s law enforcement officers. Trump showed his love and commitment to police in a big way when he spoke to graduates of the FBI National Academy program at Quantico, Virginia, today.

The special FBI program is an 11-week advanced course for experienced law enforcement officials from across the country and around the world. Knowing this, Trump told them, “When you return home to your local precincts, I want you to deliver a message to your fellow officers, ‘The President of the United States has your back 100 percent.’ I will fight for you and I will never, ever let you down – ever. Now, more than ever, we must support the men and women in blue.”

To emphasize the point, he cited some alarming statistics that highlight the rise in crime and dangers police face every day:

  • For the second year in a row, a person was shot in Chicago every three hours.
  • In Baltimore, on average someone was murdered nearly every day this year.
  • Last year, in America, a police officer was assaulted on average every ten minutes.
  • In 2016, more than 140 officers lost their lives serving in the line of duty.

“These deaths fill our hearts with pain and with grief,” said Trump. “Every drop of blood spilled from our men and women in blue is a wound inflicted on our nation. And when a brother or sister in uniform is hurt, on that day, all of America bleeds blue.” Now is that something Obama would say? No, in fact, he refused to light the White House in blue to honor fallen officers like Trump has already done.

To those who threaten violence against police, Trump gave a stark warning: “We will protect those who protect us and we believe criminals who kill police officers should get the death penalty.” In May the House passed a bill that makes it a capital crime to kill state and local police officers and first responders (federal officers had already been included.)

And it’s not just words. Trump’s actions and focus on law and order and supporting law enforcement is paying dividends already, especially in the fight against MS-13 and other gangs.

Trump noted, “The Department of Justice has worked with partners in central America to arrest and charge roughly 4,000 MS-13 members. And the Department of Homeland Security has arrested nearly 800 MS-13 gang members & associates, an 83% percent increase from the previous year.”

Furthermore, “In just six weeks ICE— these are great people, too, great people, and the border patrol agents, great people — and our law enforcement partners arrested nearly 1,400 suspects and seized more than 200 illegal firearms and nearly 600 rounds of narcotics. And over 600 pounds. That’s a lot of stuff. Recently prosecutions of criminal firearm possessions were up 23 percent.”

To MS-13 gang members he pledged: “We will find you, we will arrest you, we will jail you, we will throw you the hell out of the country.” Saying he preferred to throw them out because if they’re in jail we have to pay for them and “Who the hell wants to take care of them?”

Plus, they are dangerous: “These are killers. These are people that are sadists in many cases. We don’t want them. They are getting out of here.”

After years of Obama allowing MS-13 gang members in illegally, Trump reminded law enforcement officers it is time once again to prioritize the safety of Americans over protecting these violent killers: “Our cities should not be sanctuaries for criminals. They should be sanctuaries for Americans. It is our duty to serve the hardworking citizens of our country who raise our families, cherish our values, salute our flag, and make this land our home. These are the citizens you represent and these are the citizens you courageously protect.”

Isn’t it nice to have a president who wants to make America great again?

Watch a portion of Trump’s powerful speech below.

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