Is this the most pathetic thing you’ve ever heard?

Chicago Mayor and Barack Obama best friend Rahm Emanuel is not happy that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump are taking a hard stance against cities that shield illegal aliens from deportation.

Emanuel wants to sue the Trump Administration because he can’t get federal funds until he’s demonstrated that he isn’t protecting illegal aliens from deportation.

I guess Rahm should start thinking about who he works for: the American taxpayer or the illegal aliens. He needs to learn how to stand up for his citizens and get crime under control. I’m tired of hearing about all these babies getting killed in the streets of Chicago. Every day, our future generations are being gunned down. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Source: Newser

Chicago is fighting back against the Trump’s administration’s crackdown on “sanctuary cities.” Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Sunday that Chicago is suing the Justice Department over efforts to place new conditions on federal law enforcement grant money as a means to force local authorities to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, the Wall Street Journal reports. “Chicago will not be blackmailed into changing our values, and we are and will remain a welcoming city,” the Democratic mayor said in a statement, warning that Trump’s “latest unlawful misguided action undermines public safety and violates” the Constitution.

“The federal government should be working with cities to provide necessary resources to improve public safety, not concocting new schemes to reduce our crime fighting resources,” the mayor said. The lawsuit focuses on new conditions set for the federal Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, which has paid millions for equipment like Chicago police vehicles and SWAT gear over the years, reports CNN, which outlines the new conditions. The city wants a court to declare those conditions unlawful.

What I love is how the Department of Justice’s spokesman, Devin O’Malley, responded to this empty threat by saying it’s tragic that Emanuel is protecting criminals instead of worrying about the city’s taxpayers and their safety.

AG Sessions has already responded to this jokester:

Rahm is delusional. Mayors ignoring federal immigration laws and refusing to cooperate with ICE and other law enforcement is criminal conduct. He and those of his ilk need to be arrested and charged. It’s the law.

Should Sanctuary Cities Be Shut Down?

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