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June 16, 2019
Democrat Rep Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas is behind a recent push to examine ‘the legacy of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade’ and ‘its continuing impact.’
December 7, 2017
Apple … tree. Tree … apple. It seems Rep. John Conyers may have passed down his lack of respect for […]
conyers player
December 5, 2017
fter bizarrely deflecting away from the accusations and bringing up Conyers’s “legacy,” Nancy Pelosi finally called on him to resign.
john conyers retire
December 5, 2017
Democratic Rep. John Conyers will reportedly not seek re-election after multiple women claim he sexually harassed them including one of his former staffers.
pelosi conyers resign
November 30, 2017
Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says that Rep. John Conyers should resign over sexual misconduct allegations made by many women.
clyburn conyers
November 30, 2017
Rep. James Clyburn suggested lawmakers should be scrutinized less because of their status, then pointed out the accusers in this case are white women.
conyers hospitalized
November 30, 2017
We’ve just gotten word that John Conyers has been hospitalized due to stress related to the ongoing scandal involving sexual assault.
john conyers
November 28, 2017
If John Conyers doesn’t drop out after this, the Democrats lose all moral authority on the issue of sexual harassment. […]