Another John Conyers Aide Accuses the Congressman of Sexual Misconduct

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If John Conyers doesn’t drop out after this, the Democrats lose all moral authority on the issue of sexual harassment.

Already, the Michigan representative is in hot water, standing accused of sexually harassing a former staff member and paying out money to settle a harassment suit.

Now, a second accuser has emerged, claiming that Conyers harassed her multiple times during her course of working for the lawmaker from 1997-2005.

The woman, Deanna Maher, provided details of the assault to The Detroit Free Press back in 2013, which are just now being reported. Brace yourself: This is very disturbing.

The dirty details:

The first instance of harassment happened, Maher said, shortly after the congressman hired her in September 1997 during an event with the Congressional Black Caucus.

“I didn’t have a room, and he had me put in his hotel suite,” said Maher, 77, adding that she rejected his offer to share his room at the Grand Hyatt in Washington and have sex.

The other incidents with the now 88-year-old Conyers involved unwanted touching in a car in 1998 and another unwanted touching of her legs under her dress in 1999, she said.

Maher provided even more information about one particular event to CNN:

“So I got into bed and all of the sudden, John Conyers walked into my bedroom,” Maher told CNN. “If you can imagine how ridiculous I looked, I put on my suitcoat. I had a suit coat on in bed. I was shaking. I was absolutely shaking. And he took off his clothes and then I figured it out: ‘Oh my God. What did I do? How stupid. At my age, that I walked in and got myself into a situation like that.'”

Maher says she went to a congressional oversight body to report Conyers’s behavior back in 2004.

Conyers denies any of these incidents took place, and his attorney questioned Maher’s motivations, asking why she was coming forward now with the allegations.

Gee, whatever happened to believe all women?

Maher replied to the callous implication of Conyers’s attorney, saying “I needed to earn a living, and I was 57. How many people are going to hire you at that age?”

She continued: “I didn’t report the harassment because it was clear nobody wanted to take it seriously. John Conyers is a powerful man in Washington, and nobody wanted to cross him.”

That’s a really good point. Let’s keep something in mind here: Ever since Ronan Farrow broke the story of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual debauchery, there has been a flood of accusations about sexual assault against powerful men in Hollywood and Washington. Women feel empowered to now speak out, telling their stories about how wealthy, influential men used them.

Liberals would normally be celebrating this, except for the fake that it has been predominately liberals who have been caught abusing women, including Conyers.

Nancy Pelosi actually went on Meet the Press last Sunday to defend Conyers, calling him an “icon,” and even questioning many of the allegations against him.

She’s a real champion for women, that Nancy Pelosi.

Hopefully, with this second accusation coming to light, John Conyers will finally step down from office.

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