This Study Just Proved Michelle Obama’s Methods Are BAD For Our Kids

As the First Lady of the White House, Michelle Obama has devoted much of her time to taking lavish vacations and spending American’s money like it’s going out of style … but she has another favorite pastime, telling our children what they can and cannot eat. She started the “Let’s Move!” campaign to fight obesity in America’s youth because she thinks knows what’s best for our children and even decided to take her fight around the world; not unlike her husband’s attempt to lecture Kenya into accepting gay rights into their culture leading to a huge fail on the international stage.

Well, Michelle just got some bad news about her program and she won’t be happy that we know about it.

Unfortunately for Michelle, a new report has just revealed that her fight to end obesity through her dictated methods has been a giant fail. According to The Week, an in-depth study showed people who discover that they are overweight are likely to gain MORE weight than people who don’t realize they should lose a few pounds.

This means that anti-obesity campaign’s like “Let’s Move!” often end up doing more harm than good.

The study was published in the International Journal of Obesity, and it looked at 14,000 British and American adults over the course of seven-ten years. The study “found consistent evidence that perceiving oneself as being overweight was associated with increased weight gain,” typically due to stress-based over-eating after hearing the news.

“It certainly goes against all the common wisdom that you must find all the overweight people and tell them,” notes Dr. Traci Mann of the University of Minnesota, clearly referencing Michelle Obama. “This suggests that is not a good strategy.”

One might argue based on this study that Michelle Obama’s entire time in the White House has been one huge fail. Take THAT Michelle!

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