George W. Bush Shocks Dallas Court By Appearing for Jury Duty – WATCH!

It’s not everyday a former President of the United States is summoned, let alone appears for jury duty so when this happened in a Dallas courthouse, it was a huge deal.

Former president George W. Bush surprised a Dallas courthouse Wednesday morning when he showed up as a member of the jury pool.

After receiving a jury summons, Bush sat through the jury selection panel for a case in Judge Eric Moye’s courtroom for the 14th civil district at the George Allen Courts Building in Dallas, according to Freddy Ford, the President’s spokesperson.

“It would be great if everyone took their jury service the same way [Bush] did,” Moye told The Dallas Morning News. “He understood it was important, he took it in good nature and he was engaged and talked to the lawyers.”

We give a thumbs up to former President Bush for not only doing his civic duty, but also making himself accessible to the members there in the courtroom. There is no doubt he is a great man of character. This is what is missing in our leadership today!!

Check out these smiling reactions from members of the jury pool in this video below:

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H/T – USAToday, Dallas Morning News

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